Grid Portrait Assignment

(using Chuck Close technique)

In PhotoShop, create a new file:

  • File>New
    • Name: smith_j_close
    • Preset sizes: Custom
      • Width: 6.5 inches
      • Height: 9 inches
      • Resolution: 600
      • Mode: CMYK
      • Contents: White
  • Photoshop>Preferences>Guides, Grid & Slices
    • Gridline every: .25 inches
    • Subdivisions: 1
  • View>Show>Grid
Select a portrait photograph to color.
  • Create a new Layer.
  • Copy your portrait to the new Layer.
  • Create another new Layer.
  • Select the newest, topmost Layer.
Use the grid to color each square so that it can be distinguished from it’s neighboring square.
  • Coloring of squares can be done with a variety of tools:
    • Paint Bucket
    • Gradient
    • Rectangle Tool
    • etc?
You may "color" squares in many ways:
  • a solid color
  • a copied square from another bitmap image
  • layers
  • filters
  • transparency
  • etc?


Continue to paint each "box" until the original portrait is completely covered.

Save as a .psd file for your archives. Your file size will probably be larger than 100 Mb.

Save a copy as .jpg file to get a smaller file size.

Submit your final .jpg file to the teacher by dragging and dropping it into the Teacher's Drop Box.