Throwing Video

Throwing Clay on the potter's wheel is demonstrated in this throwing video. Here it is in small format . . . .


This throwing video shows the four steps on the potter's wheel


  1. ball of clay
  2. bowl of water
  3. sponge
  4. modeling stick
  5. needle tool
  6. string or wire
  7. throwing stick

4 Steps:

  • Centering
  • Opening
  • Raising
  • Shaping

Don't forget to clean up before you leave the potter's wheel.

Let your project dry until leather hard before trimming to make a footring!

Throwing on the potter's wheel involves holding your hands still very firmly. This gives the illusion that the video is standing still. Use water for lubrication.

  1. To center, press one hand down on the top and one hand toward the center from the side. Hold your finger on the side to feel whether the clay is centered. Use your thumb to press down on the floor of the opened clay to compress the clay and make the bottom smooth.
  2. To open, push down in the center of your ball of clay -stop at the proper depth for the thickness of the floor of your pot. Then, come outward and set the inside diameter of your pot.
  3. To raise, push from the outside, starting at the bottom, and support the pressure from your outside finger with your fingers on the inside. Sponge out the water; letting it accumulate can cause cracks.
  4. Shaping your clay is a question of pushing inward or outward gently.

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