Introduction to Art

An Introductory class for art is an opportunity for students to explore and experience art materials, forms, and processes

Introduction to Art lesson outlines & Teacher plan

What is art?

  • a human activity, process, or product
  • a way of thinking
  • a powerful force

Kinds of art ...

bearden-musicians.gifHere is a collage by Romare Bearden.
  • drawing
  • painting
  • sculpture
  • music
  • acting/performing
  • installation
  • conceptual

What does art do?

  • tells a story
  • expresses feeling
  • provides aesthetic pleasure
  • conveys meaning
  • reflects the world around it
  • explores pure line, color, or shape
  • carries a message
  • makes connections across cultures and across time
  • Should art be beautiful?


  • portraits
  • self-portraits
  • life drawing
  • landscape
  • decorative art

Elements of Art:

Art Careers